Thursday, 27 August 2015

Back to Basics/Keeping it Simple

I couldn't decide on the title for this blog post because really both are true.  I have had a long dry spell of creativity, not been able to get motivated to melt glass, sew or crochet.  I really hate times like that, when sometimes confidence and motivation sinks so low I start to think about selling up my kit.  Of course I never would, my torch and associated bead making kit feel like an extension of myself.

I have had sessions at the torch but I've been trying too hard to make complicated designs and then getting disheartened at the results.  I know that when it comes to bead making its all about practice and its not often a new design works first time.  However,  it takes real effort to remember this fact when feeling frustrated.  Therefore, the title 'Keeping it Simple' is apt, stripping back all the frippery of dot placement and just thinking about colour combinations and shape.  And so, 'Back to Basics is also fitting as it is the basic balanced bead that I aimed to achieve when starting out.  The resulting beads from my last session at the torch were these:

The only 'fancy' thing about some of these beads is that I added some fine silver wire.  I had a great time just focussing on getting evenly shaped beads and using my different sized mandrels.  I then went on to create some jewellery continuing the 'keeping it simple' theme.  The necklaces are threaded onto cotton cord or leather and have a bead and loop fastening.

I started to get a bit more experimental with the bracelet design and it is a work in progress
The plan now is to have a similar session with a different colour scheme and this might well become a 'collection'.....  Then, in time, the more intricate designs will creep back in.

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