All of these beads have been created by me (or in some cases by my mum) in the flame then left to cool very slowly in my digitally controlled kiln to ensure strength and durability.  The final step is to clean each bead, to remove the horrible chalky centres, to ensure that they arrive to you ready for use.

A huge set of 23 beads comprising one focal heart, 6 dottie beads, 4 raised flower beads and 12 small spacer beads. There are so many possibilities with this set, you could easily make a pair of earrings, a bracelet and a pendant and you would only need to add a few of your own beads.
The heart measures approx 20mm across and is decorated with dots and raised flower on each side.
The dottie and raised flower beads measure approx 12mm across.
The mini spacers measure approx 6mm across.
If you would like me to make you some jewellery using these beads send me a message to discuss.