Monday, 20 September 2010

The Good Life

Another full on weekend.  We had our Nursery sponsored walk on Saturday morning, a quick lunch and then off to the allotment.  Friends of ours took up an allotment in March.  Duly dug it over and then spent most of the summer holidays abroad.  During this time the weeds decided to reclaim their home.  Said friends decided that they would probably do better if they shared the allotment and so ta da we have a share!  We arrived on Saturday with forks and spades and bags of enthusiasm.  It was hard going and there is bindweed like you wouldn't believe.  We made good progress and agreed that we go back today for round two! 

I woke up this morning and rather gingerly lowered one leg and then the other and slowly stood upright expecting to be incredibly stiff.  But hey presto I practically skipped to the bathroom. Full of vim and vigour we decided that we would head on down the allotmant this afternoon too!  Progress was slower than yesterday and my back soon started to grumble.  We did however manage to clear some more weeds.  We also planted some broad bean seeds for next year and some green manure.  The idea is you sow the green manure which stops the weeds coming up over winter, in the spring you then dig in the plants and they become fertiliser.....  Time will tell.

Sorry, still no bead pictures.  I did make some at mum and dad's but I had to leave them cooling in the kiln so I haven't seen them yet!

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