Saturday, 31 January 2015

Art Bead Scene Jan Challenge

One of the things I have decided to take part in for 2015 is the Art Bead Scene Challenge.  If you are not familiar with Art Bead Scene it is well worth taking a look.  It is a blog run by art bead makers and users and there is always something to learn.

One of the features on the blog is a monthly challenge whereby a piece of art is displayed for the month to use as inspiration for bead and jewellery design.  

This piece is called 'Imagine Tomorrows World' (orange version), 1998 by Friedensreich HundertwaserI had to look at the picture a couple of times before deciding how I was going to tackle it.  There is quite alot going on in terms of shapes but I decided to go with colour.  I couldn't choose between the black dark section and the brighter orange so I made two beads.  The orange won the day with black being used for the cord and connector ring.  The words in the title of the piece inspired the sputnik type shape.  All in all I am quite pleased with how this one came together.  Can't wait for the Feb challenge.