Wednesday, 17 September 2014


I wonder how my creative life would have turned out if Youtube had existed when I was growing up?  My daughters aged 10 have cottoned onto the Loom Band craze and have access to a plethora of how-tos on Youtube, they have been happily working up different styles of chain and one of them even made a guinea pig!

I decided to have a little look at Youtube, something I do occasionally, and I came across Stephanie Serisch the Corning Museum of Glass.  I have been experiencing a creative drought when it comes to beadmaking so I decided to give an off-mandrel pendant a go!  The whole process was completely alien; working off the end of a mandrel, using a punty to remove pendant from mandrel, applying a loop and then removing punty.   I was very chuffed to find my pendant in one piece when I opened the kiln.

 You can see on this front view where I had the pendant attached to the punty, I didn't manage to melt the dot smooth.

This shot shows the back of the pendant.  My freesytle loop went abit wonky and I could have melted the back to a smoother finish.

However, all-in-all I have to say I am rather chuffed with the end result and I will definitely work on the technique.

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