Monday, 5 August 2013

Where did that go?

So, July has come and gone!  I must have blinked and missed it.  It was so hectic at school with theme week and the Jungle Book production.  However, the main event of the month was our first visit to the Larmer Tree Festival it was amazing.  We also camped for the first time, weren't we lucky with the weather!  We had a fantastic weekend of live music, great food and creativity

 The grounds are beautiful with sculptures dotted around here and there.

There was some yarn bombing going on.

 The Larmer Tree taxi gave us a lift back to the car with all of our camping gear and some very tired festival goers.

 I haven't done it justice here, unfortunately I can't get hold of the photos I took.  However, we can't recommend a visit enough.  I really felt like I had been on a holiday and didn't want to come home.

I have managed some torch time this is the result of my first session in a while.

Yes! This is the haul from one session.  As you can see I real difficulty getting into a groove and I ended up making a batch of very different beads, none of which I am particularly pleased with.  However, I did manage another session the following evening
 As you can see this little set has a theme.  There aren't very many beads to the set but the large ones took me a while.  I am quite pleased with these, they might end up being  a piece of jewellery for me if they don't get snapped up.

Happy holiday, I hope the sun is shining where you are!

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