Thursday, 2 May 2013

Sometimes it's just the way it goes

My previous post was a brief one because I was dashing out to the 'studio' to make some beads.  My torch-time is limited due to work and family commitments being a drain on my energy reserves so any chance I get to get to the flame is precious.  Sometimes I find I have a clear idea of what I want to make in terms of colour and design and sometimes I have an end product in mind be it a necklace or bracelet.  Other times though I head out there hoping to be hit by a bolt of inspiration.  I bought a calendar  a couple of months ago to help to give me some inspiration when none can be found.  The plan is to use each month as a starting block for colour.  April looks like this:
 It is a beautiful calendar I bought from Wakehurst called 'Through the Eyes of Children' and is a collaborative piece with many children and the artist John Thompson. I pulled together 5 colours and set to work, I was completely stumped as to design these are the resulting beads

Not the most inspiring patterns I've seen.  I just wasn't 'feeling' the colours and I couldn't get into a flow.  I decided to revisit the design I used for my 'Graphic' beads.  I couldn't decide on colour so I had a play.
It was a bit of a disaster really.  The bead on the left is rubino oro which should give a deep pink but I put it over ivory which was clearly a mistake as I have ended up with this kind of brown sludgey colour.  The beads are ok I guess but I just wasn't feeling it so I ended my session.  Sometimes it just happens this way, the time is there but the ideas aren't.  Often I find the ideas are there but when I fanilly get the time they are gone, I must get better at keeping a journal of ideas, then who knows the two might collide....

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