Thursday, 10 February 2011

My Workspace

I thought I would introduce you to my lampwork workspace.  I would like to call it a studio but really it is a space in my utility room.  We have moved house recently and the pennies wouldn't stretch to a shedio.  I don't think I ever got around to posting pictures of my previous workspace.  I didn't fully appreciate at the time that I was REALLY spoilt for space.  We converted our garage to an office/workshop, the plus side was the amount of space and storage I had, the downside I had to go outside and wait for it warm up.  The plus side of my workspace in the utility room is that it is always warm and I don't have to leave the house, the downside being the lack of space and storage.  However, one mustn't complain.  I am hoping to one day have a space in the town but all in good time.  So, introducing my workspace (drum roll please):

This shot is taken from the doorway and shows my Nortel Minor and my SC2 kiln.  As you can see my kiln bears the scars of my impulsiveness.  I got the kiln, unpacked it, read the instructions (honest I did), fired it up, started to make beads and popped them in the kiln.  After a while I noticed that actully the kiln seemed very hot and when I looked inside my mandrels were drooping!!!!!!!!!!!  YIKES, switch off quick.  I am relieved to be able to report that no great damage was done, only aethestic....... 

This second image is taken from the other side of the room.  My dad very kindly made me the storage for my glass.  The stock is looking very measly though, might have to remedy that with a little online shopping trip!  I had to come up with a quick solution for storing my mandrels the other day.  I used to have sand in a plant pot but when it came to moving I decided to get rid of the sand thinking I could replenish from the sand tray.  However, I couldn't find the sand the other day, 'its in the garage somewhere' the other half assures me.  Being short of time I decided to raid the old play dough that has gone all grey.  It did the trick but its not easy to just grab a mandrel without pulling the whole chunk of play dough and all the other mandrels with it!  Must add sand to the list of items to be rescued from the chaos of the garage.

So there you have it, my little work corner. 

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