Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Autumn Leaves etc..

It doesn't feel much like Autumn today, its grey and wet.  Yesterday was a totally different story with beautiful blue skies and bright sun.  I pulled out my bead stash and found these lovely leaf beads which compliment the green and yellow glass beads that I reclaimed from an antique shop.  I don't often use autumnal colours so this is something different from me.   However, if you look closely you will notice that I have still included the obligatory lampwork in the form of some buttons!
I managed to get some torch time in at mum and dad's on Friday.  We still don't have a definite move date yet so we are still in our rented accomodation which is beginning to wear abit thin!  This means that I am confined to getting torch time over at my parents' place.  This is what the kiln fairies left for me. 

This is a a little set of two 'Beau Beads' with a matching small hole bead.  They have got light blue centres, encased in clear with cobalt blue and white dots on the surface.  I have an idea for these along the lines of a Beau Necklace....  I have also started to play with making buttons and this is what came out of Friday's session.
These are cute little buttons measuring approximately 8mm accross.  They have a cobalt blue base with copper green flowers.  The next picture shows you what the buttons look like from behind.

These buttons make me want to get out the sewing machine... not enough hours in the day at the moment.  I have a tunic pattern that I have cut out and now needs sewing together - one day I'll get it done *sigh*.  Now, better get on and make that Beau Necklace prototype, stay posted for an update.

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